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Water Quality Cost Share Program

The South Washington Watershed District

2015 Clean Water Quality Cost Share Program

Opportunities for regional water quality improvement projects are limited and difficult to coordinate.  Opportunities for smaller projects, however, exist on every residential, municipal, and commercial property.  The South Washington Watershed District (SWWD) Clean Water Cost Share Program offers financial assistance to encourage and enable citizens, municipalities, and businesses to use innovative practices to protect and improve lakes and streams within the district.  This program promotes water quality improvement by focusing on the reduction of phosphorus in stormwater runoff.  Each pound of phosphorus, a nutrient critical to algae growth, removed from stormwater runoff can prevent up to 500 pounds of algae in our lakes, streams, and rivers.

The BMP Clean Water Cost-Share Program is a reimbursement program. All applications for the BMP Clean Water Cost-Share program must be approved by the SWWD Board of Managers prior to beginning the project.

Steps for applying:

1.  Contact the SWWD office to schedule a site visit and determine the type and scope of BMP project.  Some examples are listed below.

2.  Complete a BMP Cost Share Application and mail it to the SWWD offices.  2015 Cost Share Application/Contract

3.  The Board considers the completed application at the next available Board meeting.

4.  Upon application approval, and receipt of the signed agreement by SWWD, the project may commence.

5.  Upon completion of project, final inspection, submittal of project costs and receipts, SWWD staff will submit payment for Board approval at the next available Board meeting.

The SWWD has allocated $70,000.00 for the BMP Clean Water Cost Share Program for 2015.  With the goal of reducing phosphorus loading to SWWD lakes, streams, and rivers by 20 pounds, SWWD has set the 2015 funding rate at $5,000.00 per pound of phosphorus treated or retained on site.  This funding level is expected to cover approximately 50% of a typical residential raingarden.  The SWWD will accept funding applications year round until funds are depleted for the calendar year.

Re-Application process: Applicants must wait one year after the close out (completion and payment) of a project, before an additional project application request may be submitted.

If interested in applying, please complete the application and mail it to the address below.

South Washington Watershed District
Attn:  Andy Schilling
2302 Tower Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
(651) 714-3717

Visit www.BlueThumb.org to find garden plans, plant information and local nurseries and landscapers.

A partial list of eligible projects are below:

Rain Gardens -Rain water is captured and held for 48 hours enhancing soil infiltration by these shallow planted depressions.  Location:  Depressional areas “Soggy” spots in yards and parking lots.  Water Quality Impact:  Decrease overall water and  sediment volumes.
Shoreline Buffer– Deeply rooted native plants and erosion- control measures stabilizes erosive  shorelines and intercept polluted run-off.  Location: Lakeshore, stream banks, and wetland frontages.  Water Quality Impact:  Increase water and habitat of adjacent lakes and streams.
Native Plantings– Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions.  Native plants work well for many landscaping and wildlife habitat plantings, because once established, they seldom need watering, mulching, protection from frost or continuous mowing.  Native plants provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for native butterflies, birds and other animals