The SWWD Watershed Management Plan Update Documents

SWWD has prepared an update to its Watershed Management Plan (WMP) which will guide District activities for the next decade.  The WMP is deliberately streamlined from previous versions and is intended to serve a wide audience by providing broad easy to understand overviews of Issues facing the District and programs intended to address those issues while also directing the readers to more detailed information.  The Plan also makes use of several web-based tools.  Readers will see references to the District’s Web Viewer, Water Quality database, Story Mapping, and Electronic Library all of which are housed on the recently updated SWWD website.

Following its response to 60 day review comments and public hearing, SWWD has completed revision of its updated Watershed Management Plan.  The District now respectfully submits the Plan for 90 day review.  The plan, response to comments/summary of changes, resolution to submit the Plan for 90 day review, and record of public hearing are available at: