Trout Brook Phase II Re-Meander Request For Professional Services

Project Overview
Trout Brook traverses private residential land, privately held Afton Alps, and twice through Afton State Park. The ultimate goal is to restore the meanders and other natural functions using natural channel design (NCD) principles to this previously altered stream over three phases. Phase I restoration has been completed in the Afton State Park section upstream of Afton Alps. Phase II ReMeander has been designed to the 30% level; phase III will
complete the work downstream of phase II. Once completed, the project will improve trout habitat, native vegetation communities, provide a more aesthetic
feature to the area; and provide trout fishing access.
Great River Greening seeks to subcontract with a qualified engineering Service Provider for the following portions of Trout Brook ReMeander Phase II: Final design of re-meander and all associated road and pedestrian crossings; final design of step pool features upstream of re-meander to the Afton Alps Ski Area property limit and construction engineering and oversight services for installation of all designed features. This is a design-bid-build project. The
selected contractor will assist Great River Greening in delivering this project from design through installation.


Submittal Deadline is Friday, May 19, 2017 at 4:30pm