EAW Afton Alps Trout Brook Stream Restoration

Environmental Assessment Worksheet for Afton Alps Trout Brook Stream Restoration

Great River Greening seeks to improve approximately 1,400 linear feet of Trout Brook, a stream in Washington County, to restore natural stream geomorphology, improve overall ecological function, and enhance trout habitat. Trout Brook will be remeandered on the Afton Alps site privately owned by Vail Resorts Management Company (Vail). The project will also include construction of a rock riffle to provide trout passage through an existing culvert located within the Vail property. The project also includes floodplain creation and reconnection improvements upstream within the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Afton State Park property, adjacent to Afton Alps. Construction is anticipated to be completed no later than September 15, 2018. Minor associated infrastructure improvements will also be completed to maintain current functionality of the Vail property.

Afton Alps Trout Brook Restoration EAW